CTF hosted with GZ::CTF 🏆

Some event organizers have already chosen GZCTF and successfully completed their competitions. Their trust, support, and timely feedback are the primary driving force behind the continuous improvement of GZCTF.

  • THUCTF 2022: Tsinghua University Network Security Technology Challenge
  • ZJUCTF 2022/2023: Zhejiang University CTF
  • SUSCTF 2022/2023: Southeast University Tiger Crouching, Dragon Coiling Cup Network Security Challenge
  • DIDCTF 2022/2023: Gansu Political and Legal University CTF
  • Woodpecker: The First Network Security Practice Competition of Shandong University of Science and Technology
  • NPUCTF 2022: Northwestern Polytechnical University CTF
  • SkyNICO Network Space Security Tri-school Competition (Xiamen University of Technology, Fujian Normal University, Qilu University of Technology)
  • Hunan Police Academy Network Security Attack and Defense Competition
  • W4terCTF 2023: The First Information Security Novice Competition of Sun Yat-sen University
  • TongjiCTF 2023: The Fifth Network Security Competition of Tongji University
  • CTBUCTF 2023: The First Network Security Competition of Chongqing Technology and Business University
  • NPUCTF 2023 - The First Security Experimental Skills Competition of Northwestern Polytechnical University
  • XZCTF 2023: The First Network Security Novice Competition of Zhejiang Normal University Xingzhi College
  • ORGCTF 2023: Gongcheng Cup Freshman Competition of Harbin Engineering University
  • SHCTF 2023: "Shanhe" Network Security Skills Challenge
  • Tianjin University of Science and Technology 2023 College Student Maker Training Camp Network Security Group Selection
  • HYNUCTF 2023: Xuantian Network Security Laboratory Recruitment Competition of Hunan Hengyang Normal University
  • NYNUCTF S4: Recruitment Competition of Xuantian Network Security Laboratory of Nanyang Normal University
  • The First Network Security Freshman Challenge of Shangqiu Normal University
  • SVUCTF-WINTER-2023: Suzhou Vocational University 2023 Winter Freshman Competition
  • BIEM CTF 2024:Beijing Institute Of Economics And Management - The first BIEM "Xin'an Cup" CTF competition
  • BUAACTF 2024: Beihang University CTF
  • San Diego CTF 2024: University of California, San Diego

The list is not in any particular order, and PRs are welcome for additions.

Special Thanks ❤️‍🔥

Thanks to NanoApe, the organizer of THUCTF 2022, for providing sponsorship and conducting Alibaba Cloud public network stress testing. This helped validate the service stability of the GZCTF standalone instance (16c90g) under the pressure of thousands of concurrent requests and 1.34 million requests in three minutes.

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